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2013 National Award Winner

Campus Technology Innovation of the Year

Individual Education and Careers by Design

The Education and Career Positioning System (EPCS) is a suite of leading web and mobile applications that allow individuals to own, design, and create their education-to-career choices and pathways. The ability to own, design, and create a personal experience is accomplished by accessing, combining and aggregating lifelong personal info, educational records, career knowledge, and labor statistics and allowing individuals to …
  • Securely store and access lifelong personal info and educational records.
  • Create a lifelong personal interest, value, and experience profile.
  • Analyze their personal profile against jobs and careers.
  • Select and compare jobs and careers for best fit.
  • Compare annual career salaries across multiple states.
  • Determine job and career outlook projections.
  • Compare and select proper college and programs of study based on career selections.
  • Store lifelong educational transcripts, tests, records, diplomas, resumes’, work history, digital certifications, accomplishments, awards, and skills.
  • Connect with employers who are seeking candidates with your profile, skills, and experience.
  • Share with employers your personal credentials through a secure sharing system.
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The ECPS Application Suite

Leveraging proven, innovative, and mobile technology tested with over 200,000 users

The ECPS is made possible by leveraging the following innovative and functional application in a secure, personal, and proven manner. The selection of the leading and proven applications has allowed tens of thousands of users to already prove the value of the technology applications the ECPS utilizes.

The EduVault

The Education and Career Positioning System’s EduVault is the industry leader in online personal data vaults.
With a EduVault, students using the ECPS can store their important personal and educational information, and then easily access, share and reuse that information with the people and institutions in their lives.
EduVault helps students easily save and organize their information into containers called “Gems.” ECPS customers have access to an unlimited number of Gems to store everything from financial aid and academic records to passwords and credit card information.
Students can then use these Gems to auto-fill financial aid and scholarship applications in seconds and can easily store and share transcripts and other information with individuals, educational institutions and employers.
ECPS customers can use their EduVault confident that security and privacy a top priority.
EduVault uses the same encryption algorithms that military, government and financial institutions rely on. All sensitive information is encrypted in database servers with 256-bit AES encryption and RSA 2048 asymmetric key encryption, while all data in transit from browser to server is protected with default 256-bit SSL encryption. Personal is the first consumer-facing online company to be recognized as an Organizational Ambassador for the Privacy by Design Program. Owner Data Agreement
Powered by Personal®
The Career Simulation and Navigation Application
Students, parents, and advisors can utilize the self-navigation and simulation of the career and education building blocks of the System of Integrated Guidance and Information (SIGI)application. The access to this application allows students to personally own their portfolio, advisement and guidance information for life. The career simulation and navigation features provides ongoing individual guidance to help students and parents the ability to have ongoing access to continue accessing their choices and pathways based on their personal profile, college choices, and career choices. The output of the System of Integrated Guidance and Information (SIGI) application can be accessed or stored as a personal GEM within the EDUVault.
Career Pathway Design with SmartHires
Matching Students, Employers, and Education for the Workforce The National Award winning Education and Career Positioning System developed in conjunction with Lone Star College System, the Department of Education’s open data initiative, and SmartHires allows an easy interface that matches and prioritizes talent, education, credentials, and work history to the needs of the workforce.

The most direct and simple method to match talented, credentialed, and qualified candidates for the workforce!

Benefits for Employers – Corporate HR personnel and hiring managers have customized control of their job postings, and can readily search for the best talent based on credentials, education, and work history. <
  • Submit job postings based on unique needs and requirements.
  • Review qualified students and graduates based on talent, credentials, education and interests.
  • Pre-screening of students prior to job fairs.
  • A pipeline of potential candidates based on talent, credentials, education, and work history.
  • Set-up interviews with candidates based on talent, credentials, job, and career match.
  • Access to the revolutionary ‘EDUFAX’ that represents all history, facts, and value of each job candidate.
Benefits for Students and Graduates – Students and graduates are able to accurately represent themselves through their talent, experience, credentials, education, interests, and qualities.
  • Submit credentials, education and student records for viewing by all employers.
  •  Review education and requirements posted by employers to ensure they achieve the proper credentials and education.
  • Incented to complete the appropriate program and courses for employment.
Benefits for Education – Educational institutions facilitate input from students and employers to better prepare students, while advising the employers on current and future graduates.
  • Allows education to forecast employer and workforce needs.
  • Allows education to modify courses and programs based on capacity and needs.

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Education and Career Planning System

Helping 80,000,000 students simulate,navigate,and plan their educational & career journey!

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